The Inner Harvest Retreat // Faye Baldwin


During this time of year, the light dwindles as the evenings get longer making way for the stars and moon. Fires are lit, more time spent indoors and the bounty of harvest keeps us nourished. We will have this long weekend to turn inwards, practicing and eating together.

The season of cutting away things that do not serve us, stripping back so we can reflect and release for this transitional period. It’s a beautiful time of year that encourages us to turn inward, take inventory and decide what is worth keeping and letting go of the rest.

The retreats sits perfectly in the middle of a rarity, two full moons of the Hunter and the Harvest show us their face in October.  Our Saturday night hosts October’s new moon, a potent evening full of realisation and intention set in with a cacao ceremony.

During the day there will be time to take walks in the surrounding forest of the land, brave the cold water and go for winter dips, and read in the peace of the woods.


This retreat will consist of strong Vinyasa flow, nourishing Yin Yoga & ceremonies.

Each day will open in silence, with herbal tea from the main house kitchen. We will meet in the rooftop shala and dive into a 2 hours creative and dynamic vinyasa class with pranayama and meditation woven in. In the invigorating physical practice, there will be lots of chances to explore challenging poses and to deepen the quality of your own practice.

To slow down the days, in the evening we will meet again to dive into more rejuvenating + restorative practices such as Yin or ceremonial practice.

We will also have the chance to break down inversions one afternoon in a workshop, answering all your questions from how to begin inversions or how to take the next step.



Breakfast, lunch + dinners

The chef Sulin, believes food and people come hand in hand. Integrating people through a language that is not spoken, but rather tasted and felt. Expect a style of sharing and community present in the style of large sharing bowls and family-style feasting, using food as a tool to build relationships between people from different paths.

Her mission on the retreat is to celebrate vegetables and pulses – think charred vegetables, vibrant herb based sauces, nutritious grains and fresh salads. Sulin mostly experiments in Levantine cuisine with its rich, vibrant tastes and the wide palate of tastes embracing the numerous cultures of Southeast Mediterranean, as well as using her influence of Southeast Asian heritage.



Where forest meets the sea, our island accommodation is tucked away from the noise of the city and hum of other people. Our home for the 4 days is nestled in a charming woodland, an old farmhouse turned into a bright and cosy venue. Surrounded by beautiful old trees and laying under the darkest of skies, enjoy blankets of stars and nothing but silence interrupted only by the wind in the leaves.

We are sat deep within Brattingborg Forest, 230 hectares of deciduous forest with hideen burial mounds of more than 5,000 years old from the Neolithic period. A place of mystery and magic, what more do we need!

Renovated in 2017, this 18th century farmhouse is a bridge between the present and days gone by.  Now beautifully furnished , coy and bright, you can still see the original essence of the house with exposed beams and the on the land with the old walnut and chestnut trees.

The beautiful shala is hidden away in the roof of the house, high ceilings with beautiful wooden floors and original beams, overlooking into the surrounding garden. Its the perfect place to generate heat in your morning fiery flow, and to cosy up by candlelight at night.

One of the best parts of the place is the surrounding nature, we will have an opportunity to take a few walks and venture into the wild for communal meditations, deepening our practice and celebrating the vivid colours of nature as it retires from the passion of the summer months.


Shared Rooms

4.250 DKK

Shared room with 2 single beds

Private Room

5.500 DKK

Private with 2 single beds


Faye, who teaches under the name Wildest Yoga, is currently based in Copenhagen teaching in a handful of studios. Her teaching style is influenced from her various trainings in Vinyasa, Rocket, Mandala, Ceremony holding and Embodied Yin.

Expect laughs & bliss in her light-hearted yoga classes, where she will help you to find the internal and external balance of sweetness and intensity, to let go and create more space in the body and mind.

Half Singaporean, a large portion of her time each year is spent traveling around the world , exploring new places on small budgets and diving in to the local cultures.

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